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Human, passionate, creative and committed: the Cousin Biotech personnel continue the tradition of innovation started by the founders of the company.
All originating from various paths work in the teams for a faultless quality and the well-being of the patient.

  • Odile


    Medical Operator

    In Cousin Biotech since 2003

    What was your career path before you arrived at Cousin Biotech?
    I studied accounting, did a few internships in various companies before becoming the manager of a clothes shop in Belgium. I then had my own children's clothes shop for some ten years. I arrived at Cousin in 2003.

    Tell us about your functions in the company.
    I am a medical operator. It is a very meticulous job. You must be very conscientious and that corresponds with my personality. I like that a lot. I have also become an instructor for that position. I welcome new arrivals and guide them to get familiarised with their position. I appreciate that responsibility and proximity with the team. Apparently I am doing well. I was told I train 'like a mum' !

    What did your career path bring you before starting work at Cousin?
    Learning how to sew and experience earned in mending clothes helped me a lot. My position here requires even more accuracy. You really feel as if you are working in haute couture.

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  • Guy



    In Cousin Biotech since 2005

    Tell us about your career path before you arrived at Cousin.
    I passed the BAC in general mechanics before entering the active life, in a small machine-tools company and then in electronic components. I there had my first contact with R&D. I subsequently participated in the creation of the R&D study agency of a small French company specialised in the spinal sector. It experienced a meteoric rise even after being acquired by an American company. It was a beautiful story that lasted some ten years. I then worked in two other companies, always in the same field, before arriving at Cousin in 1999.

    For which mission were you employed?
    I contributed to the creation of a department dedicated to the spine, my preferred field, in the company. I started on my own and the team was progressively formed. Before I arrived here, I mainly worked on materials like titanium and stainless steel. When I arrived at Cousin, I discovered other components, completely new to me, that enabled opening new perspectives in innovation. We were restricted by the rigidity of the materials used in my previous experience. The use of textile enabled us to maintain articulated levels, and to the patients of keeping an anatomical posture. We have designed products that obtained a huge success due to their innovative design. And it continues to this day!

    According to you , which is the particularity of Cousin seen from your position?
    Cousin remains a company of human dimensions. As in cooking, you need to find the right recipe in R&D. I was always trusted in view of my experience and was given total freedom to progress with our projects and to find that recipe every time. There also is another typical feature of the enterprise. It is the interdisciplinarity. There are several of us in R&D who come from different sectors, either metal, chemistry or textile. Everyone brings their own experience. The techniques and know-how circulate and we inspire each other. That openness is really specific to Cousin.

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  • Franck


    Director of Regulatory Affairs

    In Cousin Biotech since 2005

    What was your career path before you arrived at Cousin Biotech?
    I first studied biochemistry and molecular genetics at university, before another course of biomedical engineering, specialised in regulation matters related to medical devices. I was part of the second promotion. At the time it was a unique and innovating training. One of my predecessors, from the first promotion, had done an internship at Cousin and had spoken about it. It interested me, I applied and was selected. That is how I arrived at Cousin Biotech, for a traineeship, eight years ago. I was then employed as regulation engineer. I then evolved to become deputy manager, then director of regulation matters, the position I currently hold.

    And what is your mission?
    My mission, with my team, is to ensure and maintain the regulatory conformity of our products, throughout the design and production cycles. The regulatory norms and requirements on medical devices are reinforced and regularly updated. To us that means an almost daily questioning. We therefore must find simple, but not simplistic solutions, adapted to the size of our company, to be nimble and meet those requirements. This for example goes through a very early early coverage of those problems, from the design of the product.

    How does your team work?
    The team consists of six persons. Three for the regulatory matters, three for the clinical studies. These are two complementary but different jobs. The studies, e.g. have two specific goals: maintaining the conformity of our products and providing elements of proof to marketing and sales which will give them good arguments. we also work in close co-operation with the R&D and product managers. It is a very transversal position.

    According to you which are the particularities of a company like Cousin Biotech?
    There is a family, human spirit here, typical for companies of that size. I am in direct contact with the direction. It is pleasant. Furthermore, I am an engineer, and I like to see all the aspects of a project. The fact of having a transversal vision, of participating in a project from the start and to follow it to the end of the process is rich.

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