The production team in the white room of Cousin Biotech

Cousin Biotech is the heir of a long tradition started in the North of France in 1848 by Louis Cousin.

When the company was founded in the Lys valley,, its main activity was the retting of flax, a treatment to isolate the fibers in the plant stems for the textile industry. The company  soon specialized in the braiding of linen and cotton. It later joined the Ferrand family to become the company Cousin-Ferrand.

The wish to be quirky

From its origin, and to find its place in a textile sector in Northern France with many players, the family company had to stand out. Its consistent ability to find the right product for a specific and atypical market has become the group’s trademark, its DNA.

From braided threads for saddles, trestles and seams of hansom cab's covers, to textile ligament prostheses, via shoe laces, marine, industrial and leisure ropes, Cousin managed to innovate to grow at each phase of its history.

Find solutions that value unique know-how

For example, the company was the first in Europe to manufacture sewing thread based on continued polyamide (nylon) destined for the shoe industry and luxury leatherwork. No more need for spinning. The technique was revolutionary at the time.

Innovation as driving force

Culture of innovation, a taste for human adventure, the will not to do as others, care for quality and efficiency. All those features are shared by the four branches that today form the group: COUSIN TRESTEC (technical ropes), COUSIN COMPOSITES (optical rods and fibres), COUSIN OFFICE (general services) and of course COUSIN BIOTECH.

The group preserves and cultivates a strong particularity: with knowledge shared freely between the different units. They mutually inspire each other to implement their innovations in their own markets.


COUSIN TRESTEC specializes in the manufacture of ropes and textile braids. This skill was developed through customers from various fields such as industryoffshoreliftinghandlingautomobile and also yachtingclimbing, and paragliding.

Making ropes for military, customizing ropes for prestigious skippers or realizing synthetic cables to replace steel ones on a cable car are all challenges that drive Cousin Trestec to succeed and to bring quality products to market.



Since 1980, COUSIN COMPOSITES is specialized in strengthening and assembly of high-performance fibers from heat-hardening and thermoplastic resins.

The diversity of our technologies are allowing us to be present on very differents markets and applications such as industry (cabling), sport (tennis and squash) in partnership with Tecnifibre or construction industry (strutting, draw-in needle).