From 1848 to 2015,

From 1848 to 2020,

167 years of know-how





  • 12/05/2021

    Registration : Australia

    B-Dyn registration was successufully approved by the Australian TGA.


  • 05/02/2020

    B-Dyn Ø5.5 obtaining CE marking



  • 01/10/2014

    NAJA®: segmental correction ligament

    Cousin Biotech' Spine Division presents NAJA®, its new correction ligament system for spinal deformities treatment.

  • GMP certification

    Inspection of the quality system by ANVISA - GMP certification provided in June 2014 (Brazil RDC 16)

  • 15/04/2014

    Dalle & Associés acquires the company Cousin Biotech

    The family-own group Dalle&Associés acquires Cousin Biotech. The top management of the company changes to ensure values continuation and company's future.

    See the new CEOs


  • Registration : South Korea

    First product registered in South Korea.


  • Registration : Taiwan

    First iimplant registered in Taiwan.

  • Registration : China

    First product registered in China.

  • New product : 4DMesh®

    Cousin Biotech launch a new product, the 4DMesh®. A semi-resorbable parietal reinforcement implant.


  • New award for innovation - INPI

    Cousin Biotech is part of the 46 most talented companies of the last 20 years in term of innovation.

    François Cousin - INPI 2011

  • Registration : Russia

    First implant registered in Russia.


  • First self adhesive parietal implant

    Cousin Biotech launches the first self adhesive parietal implant. The system is patented.


  • 04/05/2009

    Spine Division

    Set-up of a dedicated division for the spinal products.

  • Registration : Australia

    First implant registered in Australia.


  • 01/10/2008

    New manufacturing plant

    A new manufacturing plant is built in Wervicq-Sud (France), with a white room of 1200m² (category ISO8 to ISO6), thus multiplying the production capacity by 4.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Set-up of an OEM division dedicated to contract manufacturing.


  • Launch of IntraSPINE®

    Cousin Biotech develops a dynamic interlaminar device for non-fusion spine surgery.

  • 4DDome® in the United States

    In 2007, the 4DDome® gets its registration for the United States market.

  • INPI : innovation award

    Sign of recognition of the innovation strategy of  COUSIN BIOTECH, the company is awarded as National laureate of the INPI trophy (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle).

  • Registration : Canada

    Cousin Biotech has registered its first product in Canada.


  • Registration : Japan

    First product registered in Japan.

  • The first semi-resorbable obturator

    Cousin Biotech launches the first semi-resorbable obturator for inguinal hernias : the 4DDome®. The system is patented.


  • ISO13485

    The company obtains the Certification ISO 13485 (Including CMDCAS Canada)

  • First pre-formed gastric band

    Cousin Biotech launches the first pre-shaped gastric ring with bellow system. The system is patented.


  • First parietal implant

    Cousin Biotech launches the first parietal implant with expansion balloon for umbilical hernia. The system is patented.


  • FDA

    The company is FDA registered.


  • ISO

    Certification ISO 9001 and CE label

  • DIAM

    Cousin Biotech develops and commercialize the DIAM implant for lumbar spine surgery.


  • Innovations

    Cousin Frères creates subsidiaries. Cousin Biotech, specialist in textile surgical implants is created. The company maintains a strong particularity. It allows the know-how to circulate freely between the different units. They thus mutually inspire each others to introduce their innovations in their own markets.



  • 1st parietal reinforcement plate

    1st parietal reinforcement mesh for inguinal hernias.


  • First Clean room

    The first clean room is built.


  • First artificial ligament

    For the very first time, the company Cousin Frères develops and manufactures an artificial textile-based ligament for a surgical use.


  • Partnership with Commandant Cousteau

    Cousin Frères develops the anchoring system for Commandant Cousteau Conshelf project (underwater housing)


  • First European manufacturer of polyester threads

    Cousin Frères is the first European company to produce sewing threads directly from continued polyester multifilaments.


  • The use of polyamide

    Cousin Frères becomes the precursor in the use of polyamide. Thanks to a revolutionary technique that enables no using spinning, it starts the production of sewing threads, in particular for luxury leatherwork and fishing nets.


  • New manufacturing plant

    Building of the new factory in Wervicq


  • The plant devastated by bombings

    The company is on the front line during the first world war, and the manufacturing plant is completely destroyed.


  • Famous Cousin Frères laces

    The company becomes more diversified and produces shoe laces. Cousin Frères is the official supplier of the french army.


  • Cousin Frères starts braiding

    Cousin Frères learns the different braiding techniques and innovates by offering its own sewing threads for strong sewing (leather seam)



  • Foundation of Cousin Frères

    Foundation of the company Cousin Frères in Comines (France) by Louis Cousin. From the start the company decides to make innovation its trademark. It initially focused on the horse world (saddles, tethers, seams of hansom cab covers) before diversifying activity with shoe laces.


  • 15/04/2015

    4DLAP Anatomical mesh for TAPP & TEP

    Designed for limited fixation and patient comfort


  • 19/02/2018

    4DLAP XL

    Designed for limited fixation and patient comfort