Quality control in the Cousin Biotech white room


Based on centuries of know-how for implantable braids and the use of flexible and textile materials, Cousin Biotech today is an essential player in the field of visceral surgery, bariatric surgery, urological and gynaecological surgery, neurological and orthopaedic surgery, with focus on the spine.

“Mastering its techniques, with a clean room considered as a model of its type, the company places quality at the top of its priorities. Its products are certified ISO 13485, with CE marking.”

The attention to quality is extreme and each production follows the strictest standards.


Conquering the impossible That has always been the driving force behind the Cousin teams. Innovation is implanted in the company's genes. Since its foundation and in each phase of its history, the company has turned its ability to innovate into the very base of its development. That tradition is continued today.

With 10% of manpower dedicated to R&D, and rich with numerous patents, Cousin Biotech continues to listen to the players in its sector, industrialists and health professionals, to capture and create the innovations of tomorrow.