Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System


B-Dyn™ is a posterior dynamic motion preservation system which is designed for application from thoracic vertebrae T10 to sacrum S1.


The dynamic rod B-Dyn™ is composed of a silicone cushion, that helps to decrease intradiscal pressure and to relieve facet loads, and an elastomere ring that controls hyper mobility and limits extention of the spine segment.


B-Dyn™ enables all anatomical motion such as flexion/extension, axial rotation as well as lateral bending.


Beside a one level motion preservation device, B-Dyn™ has also a version with a longer fusion rod to combine 1 or 2 levels of fusion with motion preservation for the adjacent segment.


B-Dyn™ is indicated for lombar surgery in case of :

•Degenerative intervertebral disc disease
• Spinal canal stenosis
• Degenerative spondylolisthesis grade 1
• Segmental instability