Treatment of urinary stress incontinence in women


The Lift® kit includes 1 suburethral sling made of knitted macroporous polypropylene monofilament, 3 stainless steel ancillaries and 1 winged guide.

The ancillaries allow retropubic, suprapubic, and transobturator (in-out and out-in) approaches. The use of the winged guide is recommended when in-out transobturator approach is performed.


The Lift® prosthesis is designed for use as a suburethral support sling for the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence by vaginal approach in women.

Technical features

Surface mass100 ± 15g/m²
Size(1 cm x 50 ± 10 cm)
Minimum thread resistance> 55N/cm

Références produits

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