Mesh for Sacrocolpopexy


The single use Sacromesh® kit includes 2 pre-cut anterior and posterior meshes made of knitted macroporous polypropylene monofilament for the treatment of prolapse by sacrocolpopexy.


Sacromesh® prosthesis for sacrocolpopexy is designed for use as a reinforcement and support of tissues when treating genital prolapse surgically by laparoscopic approach.

Technical features

Surface mass39 ± 3g/m²
Minimum thread resistance16N/cm
Pores size1,7 x 1,7mm

Références produits

Ref. Size (cm)
SACROMESH 9 Posterior mesh 6,4 x 19
Anterior mesh 5,4 x 19,3
GCB PRANT 1U Anterior mesh 5,4 x 19,3
FBIO P9 0715 Promontory fixation mesh 7 x 15
FBIO P9 0620 Promontory fixation mesh 6 x 20
FBIO P9 0320 Promontory fixation mesh 3 x 20

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