Braiding from multi filaments

The know-how of Cousin Biotech in the use of textile is multiple.

Raw materials can also be transformed in various ways according to the final use and requested specifications. Our transformation processes are classified as followed:


The braids are developed according to the dimensional and mechanical features to achieve. We produce:

  • braidings from mono or multi filaments
  • round braids, flat braids, tubular or not, tri-axial braids
  • specific operations: rewinding thread, assembly of different raw materials, thermofixation of braid



Weaving, knitting, unwoven

Just like for braiding, the textile structure is created here according to the required technical specifications.

Mastered technologies include knitting, weaving, and unwoven, with specific operations like thread rewinding or thermofixation.


Functionalisation of textiles

The functionalisation techniques include:

  • Dyeing with bio-compatible colourants
  • Printing with silk-screening or marker pen.
  • Coating and/or covering with the following materials: glue, collagen, PLLA, silicone, ePTFE


Moulding, injection, manufacturing

for other materials than textiles