Cousin Biotech, a power of ingenious proposals


Cousin Biotech has four fundamental assets:
An unique know-how in terms of creation, manufacture and transformation of flexible and textile materials,
A strong conceptual culture,
Own ingenuity, fruit of its history,
A high performing R&D department that finds smart answers to meet the requirements of its various partners.


Based on those particularities, the company today offers three types of services to its industrial partners, surgeons and OEM, focused on the supply of implantable medical devices of very high quality.



Innovation "à la carte"

Are you a surgeon? Have you identified an unresolved need, a possible improvement? Do you have an idea, a suggestion, an evolution path? Would you like to be involved in the concrete implementation of your idea?

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Cousin Biotech continues a long tradition of co-concept and co-creation. Listening to the field professionals, creators and inventors, the company finds the inspiration for its innovation in that dialogue.

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1- Contract Manufacturing

Cousin Biotech intervenes as sub-contractor, based on specifications submitted by a company bringing its idea and its concept to the table. In that case, the development of the product is done in partnership with the R&D department of the client enterprise and that of Cousin Biotech, that will implement all its know-how in the selection of textiles and processes to be used.
Cousin Biotech ensures the manufacture of the thus designed product.

In the context of such a co-operation, and even before it is launched, a confidentiality contract is signed, which protects information exchanged by both parties.
Cousin Biotech selects files based on several criteria:

  • The identity of the applying company,
  • The submitted product/project,
  • The degree of innovation of the product,
  • The potential volume


The company also provides help and technical support by its partners to achieve regulatory registrations.
Certified ISO 13485, Cousin Biotech has successfully passed the FDA, ANVISA, … inspections and provides a high quality level to each manufacturing stage.


2- Generic IMPLANTS

This service relates to the manufacture of equivalent products to others already existing in the market.
The stakes here are less innovation than enabling the client company to be present in a segment of the market.

The product can be available in « Private Label » : it is labelled CE by Cousin Biotech and the packaging is personalised in the name of the client.

The other option is to provide the product as a component. The client company deals with the packaging and the regulatory aspects.

The process is relatively short, the product can be introduced on the market rapidly.
The benefit for the company is double. That solution allows to:

  • broaden its range with Products (components) already validated from a regulation viewpoint,
  • quickly ensure its presence in a market segment it was not present in.


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3- Innovation "à la carte"

Co-concept is a strong element in the company's culture. Throughout its history Cousin listened to designers and inventors in varied fields to design innovating products.

Cousin Biotech does not fail that tradition. The company listens to inventive industrialists. Looking for progress, it can identify unresolved problems through that dialogue. They cover orthopaedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, veterinary surgery, spine, sports medicine and anything that relates to visceral and abdominal fields.